HexTransforma Healthcare’s 3rd birthday

By Veronica Kocovska

office celebration toast

HexTransforma Healthcare’s 3rd birthday


We are celebrating three years of HexTransforma Healthcare! It all started in December 2017 with two founders putting their heads together, and this became a springboard for growth, team expansion, and more varied and innovative services over the years. After the initial board meetings in early 2018 and the launch of Brit-Med later that year, we are now a 40-person strong team working on a range of exciting projects and research.

Things to celebrate: what we’ve achieved so far

We became a Crown Commercial Supplier when our remote monitoring platform was listed on Spark, a dynamic purchasing system provided by the Crown Commercial Service. It was fantastic to see our core work recognised and promoted in this capacity, enabling us to continue striding forwards and being at the forefront in the application of remote monitoring technology to support patient care and clinicians in the United Kingdom.

To date, we have bid for several NHS tenders for remote monitoring – all the more vital now during the Covid-19 pandemic when these digital technologies will enable healthcare systems to function more efficiently and smoothly.

Earlier this year, HexTransforma Healthcare joined the East Sussex County Council Enterprise Adviser Network meaning we are on a mission to help secondary schools and colleges with their enterprise and careers education strategies to make a lasting positive impact on the futures of a generation of young people.

The EWWD Project was also launched this year as part of the Interreg FCE innovation programme. The main technology project’s purpose is to create wearable, AI-driven remote monitoring devices for people with MSK disorders and Diabetes. The two sub-projects – EWWD Academy and EWWD Med-Tech Challenge – aim to improve social mobility and generate career aspirations amongst young people from low socioeconomic backgrounds whilst helping to tackle the UK’s rising unemployment rates.

Our hard-working and friendly Team has really grown and is also a cause for celebration! The members bring a wealth of experience from a variety of different backgrounds and are split into different divisions: Marketing & Communications, Data Science, Software Delivery, Project Management, and Administration, providing a strong framework for the launch of our new products in 2021.

Where we are currently

Being at the forefront of research to develop our orthopaedic remote monitoring solutions is the core focus for HexTransforma. We are partnered with Cardiff University for research on the EWWD technology project, with observational trials scheduled to take place early next year. Recently, we agreed to partner again on a separate VR project which will see us create a unique VR-based solution to enable patients to carry out their physiotherapy rehabilitation from the comfort of their own homes.

This month we acquired CYRIL, a smart health monitoring company, which will contribute to the development of remote monitoring home solutions.

Finally we are also proud to have been listed as a Disability Confident and an Equal Opportunities company. We have signed the One Planet Pledge and are committed to reaching net zero emissions before 2050. Together with our community we will make a positive impact and contribute to a healthier and more inclusive work environment.

On the EWWD side, we’re proud to say Université de Caen Normandie joined the project as a partner and recruitment for the EWWD Academy has begun – we can’t wait to welcome the interns early next year! They will be mentored across different sectors as they rotate around the teams in the UK and France to get a well-rounded education in Med-Tech innovation and business operations.

Next steps and future birthdays

So you might be wondering; what next?

In January 2021 we will move into our new and very own office space in Brighton, which is located just by the station. In the same month, the EWWD Academy interns will begin their 24-month training, whilst the EWWD Med-Tech Challenge will be launched in September.

Our remote monitoring solutions – HexOrthopaed, HexAnalytix, HexDiagnostix, HexCompanion App and Hex Remote Monitoring – are currently in development and will be launched in the course of 2021. Recruitment in mainland Europe next year will support our Brit-Med endeavours to relaunch the platform, and we will also be expanding our development to offices in Ireland and South Africa.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone we have worked with so far and who have helped us on our journey. We’re very excited about what lies ahead and where we’ll be for future birthdays! Watch this space, we’re on our way to revolutionise the digital health space!