Reimagining healthcare

through digital innovation

Our solutions

We build solutions that improve and create efficient clinical pathways, deliver improved outcomes and provide the capability to monitor significant patient groups. We are committed and dedicated to harnessing and using technology in the provision of first rate care to patients from anywhere in the world.

Our AI-enhanced technology, machine learning and robotic process automation provides more timely and more detailed data to clinicians regarding a patient’s health. This predictive and diagnostic capability ultimately results in a shortening of the triage and diagnostic process and delivers improved pathways and outcomes.

Whilst our focus is the delivery of patient-centric solutions, clinicians also benefit significantly from our Software as a Service (SaaS) product offering that allows clinicians to monitor patients outside of clinical environments. The data collected outside of the clinic informs the patients treatment when they arrive at clinic.

Our focus has been on the creation of interoperable pathways. Gone are the days of chasing scans, images or even the patients record. All the data that a clinician requires is at their finger-tips.

solution iconRemote monitoring
solution iconcapture real-time data
solution iconEarly infection identification
solution iconEfficient clinical workflow
solution iconImproved patient outcomes
solution iconPatient triage management
solution iconProactive, intelligent care
solution iconEnvironmental impact
solution iconArtificial Intelligence
solution iconRobotic process automation

Pioneering Research

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions affect over 14.9 million people nationally, many of whom have symptoms of pain, stiffness, limited movement, and disability affecting their quality of life and independence. If we fail to take action, our ageing population, rising obesity rates and lack of improvement in physical activity levels will continue to increase the number of people with MSK conditions. That’s why HexTransforma Healthcare is the lead partner of an international research project funded by Interreg to create a remote monitoring solution that combines AI and gait analysis to deliver cutting edge MSK patient care.