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HexCompanion App

Changing the way healthcare is delivered

HexCompanion App is a digital solution to modernising physician-patient relationships.

The App speeds up the currently manual process by keeping patients’ records electronically updated, giving healthcare advice and, booking appointments for teleconsultation, among other benefits.

We are proposing a digital transformation to the healthcare system by providing remotely and specialised care and comfort for patients.

Hex Remote Monitoring App

Providing remote monitoring for the symptoms of COVID-19

Hex Remote Monitoring App will enable effective and efficient monitoring of at-risk groups during peak or constrained periods of the pandemic. The user-friendly design allows for easier adoption and straight-forward understanding of each patient users health status. The pulse oximeter and digital thermometer will capture patient health data through readings and interface to information dashboards and a patient's electronic health record via the Hex Remote Monitoring App application. Interoperability with EHRs and coding records. HL7-FHIR compliant server.

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