Hex Remote Monitoring

COVID-19 application with remote temperature monitoring provides earlier detection and enhanced protection to care homes and the community

Hex Remote Monitoring App

Intuitively designed application, easy to use devices, better patient care

Hex Remote Monitoring

  • Bluetooth enabled pulse oximeter
  • Digital thermometer
  • Remote Vital Sign Monitoring Device

Vitals Monitored

  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Arrhythmia
Ships within 24 hours
digital thermometer

In England, 2.2 million people were identified as being clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) to severe impact from the coronavirus (COVID-19). Almost one in five people (13.3 million) in the UK suffer from disabilities needing remote care options and safer measures in place to receive care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Hex Remote Monitoring App clinical solution will enable more efficient monitoring of vulnerable and at-risk groups during peak or constrained periods of the pandemic. The application will allow clinicians to easily identify changes to patient data and provide rapid care virtually and as needed. Geospatial data collected will provide the most up to date analysis of COVID-19 hotspots to aid in preventing further spread. The Hex Remote Monitoring App clinical application will enable earlier detection, offer safer triage options, and enable better protocols for a safer community.

The Hex Remote Monitoring App suite includes a pulse oximeter and digital thermometer that will capture patient health data through readings and interface to information dashboards and a patient’s electronic health record via the Hex Remote Monitoring App application. Where possible, data will be captured automatically using Bluetooth to ensure accurate readings with minimal input from users and the most up to date patient records available to clinicians. The AI system delivers highly accurate analysis of patients' health and earlier detection for remote triage.

The user-friendly design allows for easier adoption and straight-forward understanding of each patient users health status as well as a more accurate analysis of COVID-19 hotspots to support pandemic modelling. More accurate knowledge of COVID hotspots allows for better protocols to protect the community and patients.