About Us

Patient-centric innovation is our core purpose

Hextransforma Healthcare is a leading provider of digital healthcare solutions.

We are committed to improving patient care and solving problems in the sector by promoting technological advancements to fill the gaps in health systems. At HexTransforma Healthcare, we are transforming the digital landscape of healthcare and creating synergies between technology providers, patients and clinicians.

Our current work includes the creation of streamlined pathways for all participants in the health ecosystem to access the relevant data they require and to translate that data into Knowledge. This knowledge will allow them to make timely and informed decisions regarding their healthcare priorities.

We create efficiency and transparency while improving best practices for patients and clinical professionals in the sector. Our technological focus areas include remote monitoring, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and software development, among others.

We are always working on ways to improve current healthcare pathways with emerging technologies.

Our first innovation is a ground-breaking medical tourism platform, Brit-Med.com. This platform enables patients to make direct comparisons between treatments, with information such as clinics, locations, clinicians, prices, reviews and more, readily available to them at the click of a button on the platform.

All available healthcare practitioners on the site are carefully vetted to ensure that only the highest quality providers world-wide are displayed.

This platform is global and connecting patients from all over the world with the highest quality care, anywhere in the world and within their budget.

Our Executive Board is a mix of business leaders, practising clinicians and technology experts who all have extensive experience in the healthcare sector. HexTransforma Healthcare is also a Crown Commercial Supplier, which allows us to supply service to the UK NHS.

In our current stage of healthcare interoperability, we welcome approaches for partnerships with other firms in the sector. Only together will we be able to solve the complex problems facing state health systems.

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