Meet the Company: Steffanie Clark - Executive Assistant

By Veronica Kocovska

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As part of our Meet the Company series we now present our Executive Assistant, Steffanie Clark.

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Can you please present yourself shortly?

My name is Steffanie and I originally hail from Perth, Australia. I made the move to Brighton in July 2019 to be with my partner and get some European travel under my belt; unfortunately the pandemic has slightly messed with those plans! After working for an outdoor education company and being put on furlough I started with HexTransforma Healthcare in early October 2020. My role as Executive Assistant is to support Jean-Luc and the wider Senior Leadership Team with whatever they need to make sure we are meeting our goals as a business.

What is your professional background?

I have worked in a number of Administrative, Record Management and Executive Support roles over the last 12 years in the Oil and Gas, Mining, and Healthcare industries. I feel like I’ve found my calling in the role of Executive Assistant; I love to be at the centre of a business and provide a customised and all-encompassing support to Executives.

What do you want to bring to HexTransforma Healthcare?

I’d like to bring a strong support system for Management and all employees and encourage a culture where colleagues empower, mentor and learn from each other to bring success for themselves and HexTransforma.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy baking, strength training and yoga.

Team coffee or team tea?

Team coffee in the morning and team tea in the evening.

A fun fact about you?

Despite growing up in Perth, Australia near the West Australian coast, I’m a terrible ocean swimmer! Hoping to impress my partner on our first holiday together (to a place called Exmouth) I had to swallow this fear as we decided to go swimming with 40ft long whale sharks! Despite being completely scared it’s still one of the best things I’ve ever done.

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Steffanie Clark