COVID-19 Response

Protecting our people

The health, social and economic challenges posed by COVID-19 mean we find ourselves in truly unprecedented times. HexTransforma Healthcare is fully committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities and we are continually monitoring the changing situation and complying with public health guidance.

We have developed an app Hex Remote Monitoring for the detection of Covid-19 symptoms and better understanding of each patient user’s health status. Through the intelligent AI-driven system, Hex Remote Monitoring App can identify symptoms earlier that may not otherwise be detected and allows clinicians to be directly updated on patient health through a digital interface linked to their Electronic Health Record.

What we are doing:

We understand that there is more than one response to the pandemic. Therefore, we are adapting our service to satisfy the individual needs of our customers and partners and taking into account the requests of offices, healthcare facilities, regulatory bodies and government authorities.

We are protecting our people by following guidelines to sustain a healthy and safe workplace in this unique situation. Our actions include social distancing measures, general hygiene rules, work at home policies and travel restrictions.

We conduct regular assessments of the risks posed by COVID-19 and take preventative measures to reduce identified risks to the lowest reasonably practical level.

We have developed a solution Hex Remote Monitoring App which will enable remote monitoring and better care for vulnerable groups during the pandemic. This covid-19 solution will also put better protocols in place to prevent the spread of COVID19.

At HexTransforma Healthcare we remain dedicated to our mission of improving healthcare through disruptive medical technology and enhanced patient outcomes. COVID-19 has emphasised the need for remote patient monitoring which we are responding to this need with our advanced solutions (links to solutions page). We will remain committed to providing a safer and healthier world.

Jean-Luc Bressard